ImageThere are increasing benefits to be gained from separating out refuse and businesses are becoming more aware of this. Good, safe recycling not only brings environmental benefits but can also benefit the business financially: the cost of dumping refuse has risen steeply over recent years, while part of that refuse need not cost money at all. Indeed, it can earn you money. Take metals as an example. The customer does not have to pay anything for ninety per cent of all metals SZV collects. On the contrary, the customer even receives a reimbursement calculated on a baseline price that he is informed about in advance. Should the current price on the collection date be higher, then the reimbursement rises accordingly. If the current price falls below the baseline price, however, then the customer is still guaranteed to receive the minimum price that was agreed in advance.

SZV is familiar with all types of metals and is able to process them all. From the simplest lump of iron to an almost priceless piece of platinum. SZV is even able to convert the complex scrap metal from our affluent society such as fridges, which are made up of various kinds of metals and other materials, into reusable semi-manufactured articles. The unusable remainder is processed according to the applicable environmental regulations.