ImageWe believe the customer is king. One telephone call is all the customer needs to arrange collection and processing of his used metal. Our staff will place one or more containers in which the metals – separated out or combined – are collected. Is your container full? No problem, give us a call and we will replace the full container with an empty one. The contents of the full container are separated out according to the type and quality of the metal and then processed into semi-manufactured articles for the metal industry. However, SZV is well aware that some businesses do not produce enough scrap metal to make placing a container worthwhile. SZV will always look for a solution that suits the customer, because scrap metal collection is always worth the effort, even for small amounts of metals.

Schrootverwerking Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen is the specialist in the demolition of concrete constructions, metal constructions and constructions in which both materials have been used. At the start of every project, SZV draws up a list of the customer’s requirements, including a detailed description of the situation. This means that there is no ambiguity about what is and is not possible. If required, we can even make a complete action plan for the entire process of demolition, including the administrative processing.

We can help you too when assembly and disassembly of high-value equipment are involved. It is quite possible that equipment may have been left behind in buildings. If the customer wants, SZV can take the machines apart and reassemble them elsewhere, for example in a new industrial building. Alternatively, should the equipment no longer be needed, we can take on the task of dealing with it. First the machines and any reserve parts are overhauled if necessary, after which SZV carries out a worldwide search for potential buyers.