Safety and the environment
ImageSafety is paramount for SZV. This means that safety is permanently one of the focal points of our attention. The company has a VCA** certificate (‘Veiligheids-Checklist Aannemers’, or safety checklist for contractors) for scrap metal recycling and demolition projects. In addition, all employees have the VVA basic safety qualification (‘Veiligheid Voor Aannemers’, or safety for contractors). A working plan is drawn up before any company employees go to work on a client’s site. This includes all possible aspects of the job, so that the employees know what to do in every situation. We run through the safety instructions briefly before work begins on a project. SZV’s safety rules are in force at all times and in all places. Employees receive training in working safely at least once a month in order to maintain safety awareness. Nothing is left to chance. As an example, regular toolbox meetings are held where suppliers demonstrate how certain pieces of equipment should be used. In addition, safety coordinators from various firms and firemen visit our company every year to give talks and training on fire safety and general safety in the workplace.

In addition to safety, a second focus of attention is the environment. A healthy ecosystem and an environment that is pleasant to live in are part of the essential prerequisites for a healthy and affluent society. Recycling plays a key role, provided that it is done in a responsible manner. That is why SZV operates according to the Manual for Internal Environmental Care (‘Handboek Interne Milieuzorg’) produced by the association for the sector in the Netherlands, the Metal Recycling Federation (Metaal Recycling Federatie, MRF). The manual contains guidelines for dealing with nature and the environment in a responsible way. The processing setup on our site meets the requirements imposed by the province of Zeeland: a watertight floor protects the ground from potential contamination and flowing rainwater is collected in a separate reservoir. On top of this, waste products processed by SZV are separated out and taken away for further processing. These are all ways in which SZV does its bit for a cleaner and more pleasant environment. And we all benefit from that!